Roethlisberger Finishing Up '1 Month Mechanics Camp'

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Quote: - Ben Roethlisberger's suspension will end after Week 4 and the Pittsburgh quarterback has been training to make his return seamless.

George Whitfield, a quarterback coach from San Diego, was hired by Roethlisberger's agent, Ryan Tollner, to work privately with Roethlisberger for his four weeks away from the Steelers. Whitfield commutes from California each week and tries to simulate a regular Wednesday-Thursday-Friday practice week at a high school in Pittsburgh.

Sometimes Roethlisberger throws to the likes of former NFLer Devard Darling, who lives in the area, and sometimes he uses high school kids. Whitfield puts Roethlisberger through two-hour workouts, which are taped, and then he and Roethlisberger go over the tape to see how he might make slight improvements.

"He likes the fact that this is like a one-month mechanics camp,'' Whitfield said. "He's a very self-aware quarterback. He'll say, 'I pat the ball, I overstride, sometimes I'm sloppy in my drop -- let's work on those things,' '' Whitfield said. "I think he's been very happy to be able to take some time to work on things he believes will make him a better player.''

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