McFadden to miss another game?

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Oakland Raiders running back Darren McFadden(notes) has been in the league for three years and every year he's had an injury that's forced him to miss more than one game.

This season he's got a strained right hamstring. The Oakland Tribune reports that Raiders coach Tom Cable was holding out hope that McFadden would play this Sunday against the cross-Bay rival San Francisco 49ers.

But Cable told reporters that fans wouldn't see McFadden on the field unless he was totally healthy: "He's got to be ready to go." It would be his second straight game on the sideline.

The 23-year-old McFadden, the Trib points out, missed three games in his rookie year for turf toe and four games last year with a knee injury. In the four games he's appeared in this year, he's rushed for 392 yards, had 162 receiving yards, scored two touchdowns and fumbled once. ... nfl-277129

Looks like Bush is going to get another start as McFadden was talked to yesterday, and he said that he still hasn't been able to run at 100% yet. He feels that the hammy still hinders him.

Also, smart move by Cable by playing it safe and not letting him on the field until he's completely healthy.

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