Will it be Campbell or Boller?

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By Bill Williamson

Earlier Wednesday, Oakland Raiders coach Tom Cable told Denver media members he had no idea who would be the team's quarterback Sunday in Denver. Cable said perhaps more would be known Thursday.

However, once practice began Wednesday, it appeared that starter Bruce Gradkowski likely won’t be the quarterback against Denver. He was not practicing.

Things can change, but if a quarterback isn’t on the field for the first full day of the practice week, it usually means he doesn’t have a strong chance of playing Sunday. Gradkowski has missed about the past seven quarters with a shoulder injury.

Interestingly, the Oakland Tribune reported that both No. 2 quarterback Jason Campbell and No. 3 quarterback Kyle Boller shared first-team repetitions Wednesday in the early portion of practice. Campbell had a sore knee Monday, a day after he had a passer’s rating of 10.7 in a loss to the previous 0-5 49ers. After the game, Cable said there was a chance Boller would start, presumably because Campbell was hurt.

But if he was healthy enough to practice Wednesday and he still wasn’t getting the full first-team reps, you’d have to assume part of the reason why Boller may play is a coach’s decision. It would be another major fall for Campbell since Oakland traded for him in April.

It will be interesting to see what Cable has to say after practice.

Link: http://espn.go.com/blog/afcwest/post/_/id/18990/will-it-be-campbell-or -boller

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Thank God it was Campbell! The time that Boller did play he looked like a chump out there, considering it was with the 2nd string. But he still fumbled.

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Nice to see Jason bounce back from that bad game last week. With McFadden back it certainly takes a ton of pressure of of him and what a difference it made.

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