Chuck Pagano: strong candidate for D-Coordinator

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With Hue Jackson assuming the HC duties as successor to Tom Cable, his former colleague at Baltimore, Chuck Pagano, could very well be the successor to John Marshall.

For the past 3 years, Coach Pagano has been the Baltimore Ravens secondary coach. This year, his secondary was ranked only 21st in the NFL (though 2nd in the playoffs); in 2009 and 2008, however, the Ravens ranked 8th.

Chuck has 10 years of NFL coaching experience which began in 2001 when he joined the Cleveland Browns as their secondary coach. Two years later the Browns' secondary gave up a franchise history low 13 TDs.

Chuck came to Oakland in 2005 and for two seasons coached the Raiders' defensive backs. In his 2nd year, the Raiders' pass defensive ranked #1 in the NFL, allowing a meager 151 yards average /game.

Coach Pagano has DC experience, having served has DC at both North Carolina (before joining the Ravens) and UNLV.

From a Mike Duffy interview (, Pagano responded to the following question: What are some characteristics that a Chuck Pagano-coached secondary possesses?

"Tough. Competitive. Smart. Great tackling. In the right spots." ... -defensive

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