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It appears that Richard Seymour will have to wait one more year for that big contract he's been searching for.

League sources have told the San Francisco Chronicle that the Oakland Raiders plan on using their franchise tag on Seymour, the former Patriots defensive end.

Seymour is coming off one of his better seasons as of late, registering 48 tackles and 5.5 sacks, while switching from end to tackle for most of the season. Statistics aside, Seymour was the defensive leader on the Raiders' defensive line, energizing his teammates enough to finish the season 8-8. This production and versatility should warrant a new contract for Seymour, who was tagged last year after the Raiders failed to sign him to a three-year extension.

Seymour was in a similar pickle in New England when the Patriots were unable to come to terms on a long-term deal, leading to his trade to Oakland for a 2011 first-round pick.

Sadly for Seymour, negotiations between owners and the NFL Players Association are progressing slowly, placing free agents such as Seymour in limbo regarding their contracts.

Should the tag stick, or even be relevant after negotiations for a new collective-bargaining agreement come to a close, Seymour will make roughly $15 million next season, an average of the top five highest salaries among defensive linemen.

However, Seymour spoke highly of Oakland and his chances of staying there, as late in the season he was quoted saying "I see myself retiring as a Raider." ... ymour.html

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