Raiders fail to sign Antonio Cromartie, stays with Jets?

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Rich Cimini reports a rumor that sources say Antonio Cromartie is likely to sign as a free agent with the Raiders.

Cromartie will likely replace Routt, not Nnamdi Asomugha, with Routt assuming Nnamdi role.

But If Antonio signs with the Raiders, Will our secondary be improved or is this a step backword. Sometimes it is hard to realize how good Asomugha is because so few passes go his direction. That puts a lot of pressure on the other cornerback, whoever he is.

"Cro" will receive a lot of pressure from the Jets to remain with the team. The Seahawks have reportedly shown interest in him as well.

Do you think he is a good addition to the Raiders secondary?

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We would definitely need some help in the secondary, especially when the Raiders lose Aso. I haven't heard anything about them making any offers to him, so I think he's as good as gone. I would also expect the Raiders to blitz a lot more now that half of the field isn't occupied by Asomugha.

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