Plaxico Burress from Jail to the Raiders?

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Expect the Raiders to be one of the teams interested in signing Plaxico Burress for the upcoming season. The Raiders have salary cap problems, so until they can clear some space, it is questionable how much they can offer the former Giants star who has been in jail the past two years. The team needs a veteran wide receiver, especially one with size. So the Raiders could make Burress one of their top targets during free agency .

In his last complete season with the Giants, Burress went for 1,025 yards and 12 touchdowns on 70 receptions. The Raiders are not afraid to take on a controversial players, but sometimes that has worked for them and sometimes it has not. But the Raider Nation would be more likely to welcome Burress than elsewhere, especially if he could still contribute on the field.

Hopefully, if the Raiders pull the trigger on bringing in Burress, he can still help the team without demanding a big contract.

Do you think he is worth the risk?

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