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The Oakland Raiders are rolling right along with their 2011 NFL free agency plan. They are taking care of the role players while they negotiate with the big dogs. Jon Condo is the latest handshake agreement.

Condo is a role player extraordinaire. He is one of, if not the best long snappers in the business. Long snapping is one of those positions that you only realize is important when something goes wrong. And in light of that, the greatest testament to Condo is that as Raider fans, we haven't had a reason to bitch about long snapping since he took over the job in 2007.

Condo is also a decent athlete, and he always hustles down field. He even pitched in a fumble recovery last year. It is good to have him back, and it solidifies an amazing kicking group for the Raiders.

I have not seen terms of the deal, and the contract cannot become official until Friday. ... -jon-condo

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