Raiders to move to new stadium in LA?

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There are 4 scenarios playing out with regards to where the Raiders could possibly snag a new stadium to play in, replacing their very old and outdated venue where they currently play.

1- They have had conversations with the AEG group who is building a new stadium in LA next to the Staples Arena. The AEG group just got an approval from the LA City Council to move forward. They just don't have a team.....yet.

2- They have had ongoing discussions with the 49ers about sharing the new stadium that is to be build in Santa Clara. The 49ers appear to have committed to moving to the stadium regardless.

3- The Raiders have continued to say that their first choice is to have a new stadium built at the current location. Only problem

4- If all else fails they could continue to just play where they are. Did we mention that this is a very old converted baseball field.

What do you think they should do? We have a poll up so go and vote.

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I think the Raiders will benefit from returning to Los Angeles. It would be a win-win situation. Fans in LA are chomping at the bit to get their own NFL team and with the team moving in the right direction talent-wise, this could be another very positive move for the franchise to capture the #2 market in the country- before any other team like the Niners try to get here. A downtown location would be huge- the amenities around the Staple Center are frankly very attractive and modern.

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That would be great, I would definitely try to make as many games possible. I don't think anything beats the football experience, and it would be right in my backyard...kinda.

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Well,,as this is my first post here I should let you guys know, I am pretty old (not as old as Al though!) and I have followed the Raiders since 1970. Honeslty, they are The Oakland Riaders and that should not change. As fun as it was when they wre here, they were not the Raiders that most of we old timers grew up with and love. When they went back home that got that swagger LA took away form them. Besides,,trust me on this one,,it would be cheaper to fly Southwest and go to games up there then it would be if they moved back here.

Hoever, there is no way we should allow the Chargers here either,,,but no means at all.

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I'm all for the move. Even though I live in the Bay Area and enjoy rooting for a local team, I think a move to LA would be the best thing for the franchise.

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All I know is that the City of Los Angeles deserves a NFL team. It's been waaaay too long! And what better team than The Silver & Black?

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Well, the Raiders played in LA for most of my early years as a fan, but when I think Raiders, I think OAKLAND Raiders. If the Raiders play well they will draw the fans, just like any other team in any other sport. Have 7+ years of futility, and you get empty stadiums, that's just the way it goes.

My vote: Stay in Oakland

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