Darren McFadden and Jacoby Ford Return to Practice

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Oakland Raiders: Chaz Schilens and Hiram Eugene Injury Updates

by Rich Langford on Aug 12, 2011 12:24 AM PDT

Wait a second here. Let me just scan my story reserves for the canned Chaz Schilens injury piece. Ah here it is. Chaz Schilens injured his insert part of leg here knee, and the Raiders are not disclosing the nature of the injury. There is no timetable given for a return date.

I just got done making light of his injury, but I feel horrible for the guy. I have no idea when this injury happened, and I wouldn't have known he was injured at all until is saw a tweet from CSN's Paul Gutierrez.. While it is frustrating as a fan to see a player with so much potential suffer injury after injury, I can only imagine what it must be like for Schilens himself. So here is hoping the injury is minor, but the way things go with Schilens, his season is likely all but over.

I can't help but think this came on the reverse to Schilens. I don't remember seeing him on the field. I have no idea why you would ever run a reverse to Chaz Schilens in a preseason game. Of all the players that have ever played, Chaz Schilens would be on the bottom of my list of give the ball to on a reverse in a preseason game.

*Update: From Vittorio Tafur's Twitter account: "more optimistic about Schilens' injury (knee) than Eugene's injury (dislocated hip)."

I don't think optimistic, Schilens and injury should ever be in the same sentence.

Jump over for more on Hiram. The news is not good. Best of luck Hiram....

Gutierrez also updated us on Hiram Eugene's injury. Apparently he dislocated his hip, or as well forever be known in my head as the Bo Jackson injury. Bo's injury led to blood flow complication which is what ended his career and required the need to replace his hip. Let's hope Hiram's injury does not go this route.

http://www.silverandblackpride.com/2011 ... ry-updates

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Geez, Eugene could be out for quite some time. I hope that Chaz has a very minor injury. Coach said he was walking around the locker room after the game, so he is hopeful.

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Too bad for Chaz. By far our best WR. Has all the tools, size, speed, great hands, and an excellent route runner. His problem is, he has never been able to stay healthy, dating back to his HS days

Eugene on the other hand is an Al Davis scholarship player. He has no business on the roster. After he got bitch smacked by Willis McGahee, I thought he be too embarassed to even show up again.

I say, Eugene is no big loss at all. Chaz must get healthy...

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Yeah, I like Chaz a lot. And the QB's like him to because he runs good routes and he is a BIG target, good hands. Hope he finds a way.

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RBs Taiwan Jones and Darren McFadden, WR Jacoby Ford, and DE Trevor Scott returned to practice after missing significant time due to injury. It is nice to have all of those guys back. We need to get it all going for the New Orlean game.

Meanwhile, Eugene might be gone for the season or most of it. Other key players out with injuries are Chaz, Mike Mitchell, Travis Goethel, Stephon Heyer, and Kevin Boss.

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Are Darren and Jacoby good to go against the Saints? Doubt it though.

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If they are back at practice this early, I think they will get some action on Sunday.

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