Do you wear The Silver & The Black?

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I ran across this video about my beloved Raiders. It kind of gets me pumped up! It has some of my favorite Raiders from yesteryears. Jim Plunkett, Marcus Allen, Howie Long, Todd Christensen, Lester Hayes, Tom Flores etc..........

I hope you like it!

....."We wear The Silver! We wear The Black! We never retreat! We always attack"!!!!

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That was really good....and funny. I think they should show that to the new team at the beginning of each season, I think they would get a kick out of it.

I wear Silver and Black on game days. I have jerseys, hats, and other shirts. I wear Raiders Tee's on the basketball court on game days.

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I have ST for the USC Trojans, the Dodgers, and a Clippers partial plan. I retired from work 9 years ago but prior to that I went to an average of 4 Raider home games a year. My wife complains because 95% of my daily wardrobe is team gear. She is lying. ALL my daily gear is tean stuff. I wear the team gear for whichever season is in,,always. Unless we go out to a more formal occasion, all I wear is team gear (as I type this I am in USC gear). My car is covered with Raider and Dodger (and NASCAR) stickers. So during football season, I rotate daily between Trojans and Raiders,,picking up Clipper gear when football ends and switching to Dodger gear when baseball starts.

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