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Steve Corkran

The Raiders welcomed tight end Kevin Boss back to the practice field for the first time in 23 days. He hasn’t practiced since hurting his left knee against the 49ers in an exhibition game Aug. 20.

The Raiders are eager to get Boss back into the fold so they have a proven tight end in the passing game. Of the three other tight ends on the roster, two are rookies and one, Brandon Myers, has only 16 receptions for 99 yards in the NFL.

The Raiders passed for only 105 yards against the Broncos, in part because they were without wide receiver Louis Murphy and Boss.

In Boss, the Raiders feel as if they have a player who can match or exceed the production of Zach Miller the past four seasons. Boss is tall, fast enough to beat linebackers and has reliable hands.

Notes: Running back Darren McFadden rushed for an NFL-best 150 yards in Week 1 despite missing all four of Oakland’s exhibition games. Rather than be content with how he performed last season, when posted a career-best 1,157 yards rushing, McFadden worked even harder during the offseason in an attempt to show that last season wasn’t an aberration. McFadden looks in even better shape than he did last season, and he is off to the best start of his NFL career.

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Yeah, it's funny that we actually got a player who is statistically better than Zach as a receiver and many think an even better blocker. Moreover, we signed him for a lot less money than Seattle paid for Zach. Smart move by Davis. Now we will have two productive tight ends available with the possibility of having them both on the field at the same time. More weapons, more points. In his opening game with the Raiders against the Jets, he had two catches for 31 yards. Nice Start.

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