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All signs point to the Oakland Raiders making a change at the kickoff returner position. According to Steve Corkran, Taiwan Jones returned all kicks at Thurday's practice. Seems like a great move to me. Jacoby Ford will likely miss his second straight game, and Nick Miller was awful on kick returns vs. the Bills.

I was actually shocked how bad Miller was against the Bills. I think anyone of us could have gotten as many yards as Miller on returns last Sunday, and probably more is we could've avoided slipping.

All reports indicate Jones was fielding all kicks clean and smooth. He certainly has the explosion to succeed. Every time he touches the ball he creates the feeling like he is on the verge of eating up huge chunks of yardage in a breathtakingly short amount of time.

Jones should get a chance to show what he can do. The Jets have had eight kicks returned against them. Nick Folk does not have the leg to boot it out of the endzone. They are very good in kick coverage though. The Jets have the fourth lowest return average in the league at 16.8.

The only teams better are the Bucs, who have only allowed two kickoff returns, and the Raiders and Broncos, who have yet to have a single kick returned against them.

To help get us excited for Jones, here are his highlights from the Saints game:

http://www.silverandblackpride.com/2011 ... -in-taiwan

I really hope this means that Nick Miller gets cut. The guy is completely useless and I don't even know how he's made it onto the team for the past 2 seasons.

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Miller sucks- the first two games showed it. He just doesn't seem to have the right instincts to be a good returner. Let's see how Taiwan does- he has to be an improvement!

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On one punt, Miller, instead of catching the ball for a fair catch, let it drop, I guess thinking it was going to go into the end zone. But his instincts were bad, The ball bounced on the 12 or so. And then it was downed on the two. Geeeeeezzzzzzz.

BTW before last weeks game I predicted they would line Taiwan up at WR for a reverse. They did a version of that. He lined up at WR, they faked up the middle and Taiwan came through the backfield like a reverse and ran for a gain. I knew they would try that play. He is kind of small, so running around things is better than running through things.

Anyway it looks like they have gone with Denarious Moore instead on punt returns. He did a good job against the Jets.

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Yes, Miller has zero instincts period. I honestly think the ONLY reason he is on the roster, is because: In his rookie season, he broke his shin. The Raiders medical staff dignosed Miller with shin splints. What I am saying is a possible medical malpractice suit. Miller was never even placed on Injured Reserve, although he may have been in week 15 or 16, my memory is failing me. I do remember a big deal being made out of the fact the we wasted a roster spot on Miller.

Once Murphy gets back, the man affectionately known as "White Smurf" will probably be done for anyway. Was good to see that he was a healthy inactive this week, as Hagan provides us with more than Miller. Hagan had a few nice blocks this past week.

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