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By Rich Cimini

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Let's be frank: The Oakland Raiders still haven't forgotten Mark Sanchez's hot dog-eating episode from two years ago.

Maybe they don't want to forget.

On Wednesday, coach Hue Jackson pulled up the clip of the snacking quarterback, who experienced a case of late-game munchies and was caught on camera in the fourth quarter of the New York Jets' 38-0 victory in Oakland.

"Coach showed that to us," defensive tackle Tommy Kelly told the Oakland Tribune. "It was just a reminder. We're going to remind him of that during the game."


"Oh, most definitely," Kelly said. "I'll say a lot to him."

Clearly, the Raiders (1-1) relish the opportunity to face Sanchez again, and that will happen Sunday in Oakland, their home opener.

Sanchez took a lot of heat for his sideline snack, but he apologized after the game, saying he was hungry and didn't mean to be disrespectful. But it could be perceived that way, a then-rookie quarterback kicking back with a hot dog in the late stages of a blowout.

Hot dogs can be a source of indigestion, but motivation? A few Jets players scoffed at the possibility of the Raiders using that to toast their buns.

"That's dumb," tight end Dustin Keller said. "I guess if that's bulletin-board material, use what you can. He ate a hot dog. So what? I don't think it's upsetting.

"I could see it from the opponents' perspective. If you're losing and the quarterback is so relaxed he's having a hot dog on the sideline, it could kind of anger you. But I don't see it as bulletin-board material."

Said linebacker Bart Scott: "You have to do whatever you need to do to get your team riled up. We understand that. We'll be up for the challenge."

Jackson didn't deny that he'd try to use it to his advantage.

"I can't let all my secrets out. I can't do that," he told the Oakland media. "The guy had a hot dog. Was it a Wienerschnitzel or where'd it come from? I don't know. It looked to (be) pretty good by the way he was eating it, so I'm sure we'll have some fun this week."

Oh, they're having fun at Sanchez's expense.

"I hope we can make it more interesting for him so he doesn't have to eat hot dogs," Jackson said. "So, hopefully, we can take the mustard, the relish, and the onions -- all that -- and put it away and play a little football."

It's game on, weiner take all.

Link: ivated-mark-sanchez-hot-dog-snub

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Yeah, I saw that on ESPN. Coach was coy when asked about it. I heard at least one ESPN analyst that thinks we win the Sunday at home. We are 3 pt underdogs on the betting line.

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I used to,,in my youth, run football gambling cards. At this point in the season I can promise you two things...1st when teams are basically even a home team gives up 3 for home field advantage ,,,,and 2nd, home team underdogs are really good bets to win up until about the 5th week. therefore,,we win.

I am a huge SC fan and a STH and I like the Jets because of Sanchez,,,I am hoping this week our guys don't beat the crap out of him too badly. But do what we have to do to win and if that means Sanchez goes down,,so be it!

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Ron- I'm a big SC fan too but I do remember Sanchez ditching us early for the NFL. I'm not sure how much motivation can be derived from an opponent QB eating a hot dog vs the simple fact of getting embarrassed 38-0, but whatever works and helps?

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We made Mark take his hotdog & shove it up his whaazoo! Go Raiders!

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