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Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis died Saturday at age 82, but the football icon ensured before his passing that his beloved team would remain in the family.

Davis' wife, Carol, and his son, Mark, will retain controlling interest in the team as part of what Raiders chief executive Amy Trask called "a good structure in place."

"The team will remain in the Davis family," Trask told the San Francisco Chronicle on Saturday night. "There is a succession plan in place in that regard."

Al Davis had maintained before his death that the team would remain in the Davis family. In a 2006 news conference, according to the Chronicle, Davis said former Raiders coach John Madden and other longtime team figures could help direct the organization.

"I'm sure (Madden) would be someone that Carol Davis and Mark Davis would call, along with several others who have been Raiders most of their lives and still have a tremendous loyalty to it," Al Davis said at the news conference.

Mark Davis has worked with the Raiders on business issues, although Al Davis said in 2008 that his son prefered not to be involved in personnel decisions.

"He never understood how I could let someone go," Davis said then. "He just doesn't want to get into that part of it. But he will own it someday."

http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d8 ... hot_topics

It's going to be interesting to see what happens with this team in the near future. I'd love to see Madden and some other Raiders legends come in and work with the Raiders.

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Well he (mark) will probably be like most owners of sproting teams. You pick coaches and throw out whom you'd like to see on a team and how much you will psend but ultimately the Gm (Amy Trask?) and the coahc make most of the personnel desicions.

Seeing Mark on his knees crying after the game was emotional for me,,if you've ever lost a loved one there has to come that release and there it was.

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