SFGATE: With AL gone,,who runs the Raiders?

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From the SFGATE:

Gil Brandt, the Dallas Cowboys' longtime vice president of player personnel, joked that his good friend, Al Davis, left an envelope behind with instructions that it was to be opened only upon his death.

Well, Brandt was only half-joking. Davis, the Raiders' owner, died Saturday, and Brandt said he is sure that chief executive Amy Trask "knows exactly what Al wanted done once he was gone."

Trask said Saturday that "the team will remain in the Davis family. There is a succession plan in place in that regard."

Trask and Davis' son, Mark Davis, will search for a director of football operations or a general manager, possibly both. In the meantime, first-year coach Hue Jackson will make personnel decisions, something he said Monday that he is ready to do.

Who is on the Raiders' list? Calls around the league provide a rough list to start with, and one name that kept popping up was Tom Gamble, 49ers director of player personnel. Gamble, who was formerly the team's director of pro personnel since 2005, was a Davis favorite who some say Davis wanted to hire as a general manager a few years back.

Go to link for all the candidates

http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.c ... 1LGCCQ.DTL

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With the Palmer trade, all the rumors are that Coach Hue Jackson is in charge. Who would have thunk......

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