Who should start at Running Back - Bush or RunDMC?

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OK, Michael Bush started his NFL career with a broken leg. He missed an entire season. Since then he has been solid as a rock. His performances have been sure and steady. He is prototypical power running back who just runs through you and punishes you along the way.

Last week he had 242 yards of total offense breaking a modern record for the Raiders. He has had other days when he broke through and showed flashes of brilliance. But he has toiled in the shadow of Darren McFadden who has been the starting running back when healthy.

RunDMC has been hurt several times now and is showing that he might be fragile. However, before injury he was leading the NFL in yards on the ground.

With all that considered, should Bush be the starting running back? That would allow the coach to play McFadden but protect him from over work and injury. It would also allow McFadden to line up occasionally at WR as well. They could both be on the field at the same time in other sets.

After RunDMC gets healthy again, are we to just wait for the next injury to happen, maybe right before the playoffs?

Is it better to have the solid as a rock Bush on the field more and save McFadden? Is it better to use him more sparingly?

Either player could get hurt at any time, but recent history tells us that McFadden is the fragile one.

The good news is we seem to be in good hands with either player on the field.

So who do we start?

Who should get the bulk of the carries?

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Don't think there is going to be a Question about this next week...........from ESPN:

Oakland Raiders running back Darren McFadden and wide receiver Jacoby Ford missed practice Monday, leaving both questionable for this weekend's game in Minnesota.

McFadden continues to make progress from the mid-foot sprain that has kept him out of the Raiders' last two games but has yet to resume full workouts. Ford is wearing a protective walking boot after injuring his foot in last Thursday's win over San Diego.

Neither player even attended Oakland's first practice since a two-day break, and coach Hue Jackson declined to say what the chances were for McFadden or Ford being available for Sunday's game at Minnesota.

AFC West blog

ESPN.com's Bill Williamson writes about all things AFC West in his division blog.

• Blog network: NFL Nation

"We have a team of doctors that handle that," Jackson said. "They're normally going to tell me when a guy can play and I trust their judgment and what they do. Nobody's been ruled out as of now, so we'll go through the week and see where we're at."

http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/72352 ... t-practice

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It a luxury to have a pair of nice running backs like we do. But McFadden is more proven and explosive so he should still get most of the carries. I'd be fine with him getting 2/3 of the carries and Bush the remaining 1/3. A balanced attack from the ground and the air....

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I never understood why they don't start out with Bush pounding the opposing defense and then letting McFadden run wild on them when the D is all fatigued and gassed. I pray that the Raiders can re-sign Bush next year, the guy is our insurance policy. I'm perfectly fine with them splitting the carries 50/50.

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They showed the numbers for each running back, side by side, today during the game. If you expanded Bush's numbers out over 10 games, he would actually surpass RunDMC by a little bit. In fact, Bush would be leading the NFL in rushing. What is holding his season total back it that he has only played in about half the games.

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