With our schedule, do we make it to the playoffs?

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We are currently in first place with a 5 - 4 record. If we make it to 10 wins, we should win our division. But does our schedule gives us what we need?

We should be able to beat Minnesota and Miami on the road.

We should be able to beat San Diego on the last game of the season.

Detroit has come back to earth, and we should have beat them on the road earlier in the season. We have them at home and I think we win.

So that would give us 4 more wins and a 9 -7 record. Where do we pick up another win?

I wouldn't bet money on the road against Green Bay.

We are at home against Chicago in two weeks but they have won 4 in a row and currently at 6 - 3.

That leaves us with Kansas City on the road. They blitzed us 28 -0 at home. We played horribly. But they didn't look all that good against us. We gave them the game. I think they are beatable. And we need this game to get to 10 wins.

It certainly looks like that last two games of the season against KC and SD are going to be the difference.

Can we get to 10 wins? Will 9 wins be enough? If not, who scares you the most?

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I think we win the division. We are hitting our stride,,the others are showing the chinks in their armor (and Casell,,I think,,is done for the year).

The Raiders scare me the most. They have to remember to paly the way they are coached and not go nuts. Do what you've been doing,,don't buy into the hype.

The Chargers worry me the most though.

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9 and 7 may be good enough, but my fear is if we trip up with of those games that we're supposed to win, our playoff hopes may well be kaput. Chargers present worries but if we can beat them again it'd be huge in warding them off.

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I say that the Raiders can go either 10-6 (if they steal one from the Lions or Bears) or 9-7 and still take the division. It's going to be a real hard road to get there due to the NFC North tour that they have going with the Bears, Packers and Lions. Let's not forget Week 17 vs. the Chargers either. Heck, they might even be able to take the division at 8-8 with a winning record in the AFC West, but they absolutely MUST sweep the Chargers and beat the Chiefs.

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