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New general manager Reggie McKenzie played linebacker for the Raiders back when they were in Los Angeles in the 1980s. And it's not out of the question that he and the team could be back there in a couple of years.

"Yeah, Los Angeles is a possibility," owner Mark Davis said Tuesday. "Wherever's a possibility. We need a stadium."

The Raiders have had discussions with groups in Los Angeles, as well as with the 49ers about the possibility of sharing a Santa Clara stadium. The Raiders played in Los Angeles from 1982 to '94. Davis hasn't liked any of the offers to return. Yet.

"The timetable is yesterday. So that's where it is. We've got to get a stadium. We've got to get that done," Davis said. "It's such a competitive business. It really is competitive. We can't compete for a lot of the players that other teams can, at times."

Raiders CEO Amy Trask also has talked with Oakland officials about the team's No. 1 preference - building a stadium on the team's current Coliseum site off Interstate 880. Davis said the Tuesday's signing of McKenzie as general manager will free him to work more on getting the Raiders out of their outdated home.

Other teams with newer stadiums have more revenue to spend on players, Davis said.

Trade endorsement? One of the big questions Tuesday was just how much fired head coach Hue Jackson and quarterback Carson Palmer are tied together. Jackson traded for Palmer after starter Jason Campbell broke his collarbone, giving up a 2012 first-round draft pick and either a second-round or first-round choice in 2013.

Many thought Jackson gave up too much, but McKenzie said he understood the trade.

"No. 1, as a personnel guy, I love my picks ... more, I love good players," McKenzie said. "Now, bringing in Carson at the time the Raiders brought him in, to me, as a player, that's a good move. You have to get players (who) can help you win games.

"Now, did the situation present itself favorably for Cincinnati? Absolutely. But you do what you have to do. That's just the way it is, the cost of doing business."

As far as Palmer, who went 4-5 as a starter, McKenzie said, "I think he's a good quarterback. Period."

Palmer has a $12.5 million salary for 2012, $5 million of which became guaranteed as part of the trade.

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YOu know,,for me,,,I thought it was the greatest thing whem my Raiders came to LA in the 80s. Here is a team I have followed since the late 60s, a team i live and die for, and they're coming here. But after about 5 years the Oakland riaders were gone and it was mostly the LA Raiders and it seemed ot me the lost thier mystique and identity. I was so happy when they moved back in 95 because that was,,in my mind,,the only place this team ever belonged. Just the connotation of being from Oakland seemed to make the team tougher.

A lot of words to say i hope they figure out a deal to stay where they were born.

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