Carson Palmer, Kamerion Wimbley Need To Restructure Contract

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Carson Palmer, Kamerion Wimbley Need To Restructure Contracts To Make Budget

The Oakland Raiders overextended themselves with a few of their current contracts, and now must figure out a way to restucture some contracts for key players to make it under their current budget, including quarterback Carson Palmer and linebacker Kamerion Wimbley.

Oakland is currently $22 million over the cap and needs Wimbley to take a significant cut from the $43.5 million he is owed over the next four season. IF not, the team will have no choice but to release him by March 13. the 28 year old agreed to a $4.1 million salary, then a $11.3 million franchise tag, then a cap-friendlier, five year, $48 million contract, all within a six month span last season. He's due $11 million next season, with $6.5 million of it guaranteed already, the rest becomes guaranteed on March 17.

As for Carson Palmer, he will need to restructure as well, which has three years and $40.5 million left in it's current terms. $5 million of his $12 million salary next season is guaranteed.

These decisions will certainly have a trickle down effect to other players like linebacker Aaron Curry, safety Michael Huff, and defensive tackles John Henderson and Tommy Kelly, all who may need to restructure as well. ... e-contract

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