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Raiders WLB Aaron Curry has agreed to a contract restructuring that should keep him in Oakland in 2012.

Curry likely turned a large portion of his $5.8 million base salary into incentives, giving him the ability to earn it all back if he plays well in 2012. It will be the final year of Curry's contract. After coming over from Seattle before the 2011 trade deadline, Curry started nine games. Pro Football Focus graded him positively in run defense, but poorly in pass coverage. Mar. 9 - 9:25 pm et

http://www.rotoworld.com/content/player ... amp;spln=1

Wow! A lot of players are willing to restructure their deals in order to get under the cap. I'm glad that Seymour and Palmer did this, seems like other players are getting the hint and are more willing.

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