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Q&A with Head Coach Dennis Allen

Head Coach Dennis Allen took questions from the media on Sunday.

Q: Do you have conditioning tests these guys go through?

Coach Allen: We went out there and ran. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a conditioning test like a lot of people put together, but we went out and got a sweat and we were kind of seeing where guys were conditioning wise. We call it a conditioning test, but…

Q: There’s no bar like if you don’t pass you don’t get to practice type of thing?

Coach Allen: Not per se. It’s no different than anything else you do from a physical standpoint. It’s just another step in the process to make sure these guys are ready to go for camp.

Q: As it stands now, is there anyone who won’t be practicing tomorrow? Wiz [Stefen Wisniewski] and [Denarius] Moore are the ones that come to mind.

Coach Allen: And we’ll let you guys know tomorrow exactly who’s where. Wiz and Moore will be practicing. I haven’t had a chance to talk to the training staff yet to find out exactly how all the physicals went so I’m really not at liberty to say right now, but we’ll know later on this evening, but for sure by tomorrow’s practice.

Q: Do you anticipate anyone on PUP?

Coach Allen: There’s a chance, but again, until we get through the whole physical process, I don’t really know.

Q: Signed a couple guys but you got an opening left. Are you apt to use that now or is that something where it depends on your need?

Coach Allen: We don’t necessarily have a plan for that right now. We kind of wanted to leave ourselves a little bit of room in case we needed to make an adjustment during training camp. So if we bring a guy in, we wouldn’t have to cut somebody to bring somebody else in. Right now, I would anticipate that that spot would be open.

Rest of the interview is here: http://www.raiders.com/news/article-1/QA-with-Head-Coach-Dennis-Allen/ 148ddc8b-60d3-4342-8728-91feae68befe

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