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Welcome to the new members who are getting ready for the upcoming football season by joining TopBuzz. TopBuzz is the only site where you the fans are the star of the show. The Forum is at the top of the page on . Because your opinion matters. So Give us your take on any topic running on a current thread.

Everyone remember to send an email, with a link to this site, to other Raider fans so we can recruit even more members. Once upon a time, Lakers TopBuzz only had 2 members, me and Dave. Now it has over 10,000 members.

This site will grow as well, but we need your help. So tell a friend.

And welcome to our new guys. Go Raiders!

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New member here. It's great to have a place to go and talk with other Raider Nation fans. I am going to tell a couple of my buds who are Raider fans to join up.

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Thanks for the welcome GO RAIDERS (almost typed Lakers lol)

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Welcome aboard Touchdown, El Honcho and the other new members to Raiders Topbuzz! I look forward to talking Raiders football with you fellas and chatting it up at the game thread Monday night.

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