Game Day- Sunday- Raiders 34 Steelers 31 (P. 2)

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BraveRaider wrote:
Three red zone passes for touchdowns is the biggest change so far this season. Palmer being able to finish drives and do it with the pass instead of trying to always rely on McFadden is a big deal. We need the opposing defenses to be guessing on what they have to stop. We need all of our weapons to score. 9 players caught passes yesterday.


I don't mean to keep picking on you here, but C'mon my man....

I will address this post first...

What is your deal with Palmer? You're calling for Leinart to play in Palmer's stead on other threads, now you say in so many words that Palmer "always relies on McFadden".... You do realize Don, that yesterday was only the 3rd, yes, third regular season game in which Palmer and McFadden have played together..... As you know, the previous two games McFadden has done nothing (not his fault)..... Knowing these two facts, that this was only their 3rd game together, and DMC was ineffective in the 1st two games, how on earth could you make such a daft statement???

I will address another one of your posts below

Posts: 77
votes: 3

BraveRaider wrote:
Can't pressure the QB. corners can't stop the pass What ever happened to all the talk we heard about during preseason that we were going to do a lot lf blitzing.

This is yet another head scratcher...

You basically answered your own question, ironically enough, right before you asked it....

If you can't rely on your corners to cover, and need the safeties to lend help to the poor CB's, how are you going to blitz???? If your safeties are helping corners, and the LB's are dropping into a zone, because after all, you can't leave the middle of the field open, who's left to blitz???? Had no choice but to go with the 4 man rush predominately.... They mixed in some blitzes here and there.... McClain blitzed several times to no avail, Wheeler blitzed a few times... The Raiders were blitzing early, but weren't getting to Rapistberger, and consequently Rapistberger was tearing the 2ndary apart....

I will add this though, late in the game, Mike Mitchell came in and played his hybrid LB/S position, and came in on a blitz.. Although Mitchell didn't get to Rapistberger, he forced Ben to step up into more pressure resulting in a hurried throw on 3rd down, forcing the final punt....

All that being said, you answered your own question on why we weren't blitzing too often, the CB's couldn't hold up....

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