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So far this season the Raiders are 29th in penalties and 30th in penalty yards. Compared to having been #1 for several years now, this is a big improvement.

In our last game we didn't get our first penalty until late in the 2nd half and only had a couple for the whole game.

This improvement has been with the replacement refs.

Will this continue now that the permanent refs are back in action?

Or will the old predjudices resurface?

Is this improvement for real or just a mirage?

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I think they have improved under the new coach. And we have a lot of new personnel. Some of our worst offenders are gone. Coach has really emphasized eliminating the stupid penalties.

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I believe it is the prejudices that keep us down. Replacements refs had enough trouble in trying to watch the game let alone look for the BS penalties they call on us. Let's see what happens today in Denver,,,,I suspect home filed advantage will rear it's ugly head.

the only other take I could have on this is it was AL and now that Al is only hovering over in spirit,,we will see if all of a sudden we are a clean team (which face it,,we have never been anyhow).

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Yeah, it is funny to me also that we greatly reduced our penalties under the replacement refs and as soon as the regular refs come back the flags fly on all kinds of suspect calls.

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