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Owner Mark Davis talked about new stadium proposals in an interview this week.

He brushed off any specuation that the Raiders would share the new stadium already under construction in Santa Clara.

There is a proposal to rebuild in the current location.

There is a proposal to build in Dublin.

There are rumors of the Raiders moving to LA and into the new stadium that is built there.

Go read the blog on our main page that talks in length about all of this and come back here and give us your thoughts.

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I think the fans would probably want a new stadium at the current location, but where would the baseball team play. Is there a new stadium in the works for them???

The most cost effective deal would be to share the new stadium being built in Santa Clara.

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It sort of goes with,,,can Mark make more money moving the team ,,,again. Pro sports are nothing if not making a butt load of money. face it,,this team has not been very good for a very long time and the sellout fans are not there,,but the loyal base is. Can you build another loyal fan base,, enough to warrant moving to a gazillion dollar stadium. Or would you fare better keeping what you have and making it better (seriously the Oakland stadium is not the greatest,,but I have been to worse).

i was a Raider fan long before they moved to LA,,,,,and I was pretty happy when they moved back. something about the mystique of the city of Oakland that keeps this team better then if they were to move (or course over the last decade better is a relative term I suppose).

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