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^ Raiders coach Dennis Allen said linebacker Aaron Curry “looked good, moved around well. The key is to see how he responds tomorrow.” He worked at all three LB spots

^ What LB spot will Curry end up at? “We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it,” Allen said.

^ Allen was asked if he’s thought about getting Terrelle Pryor in there for plays, a la the 49ers? “No. We have a quarterback that is playing extremely well.”

^ Allen said there were no ill effects for Mike Brisiel (concussion). The guard passed tests and has already been cleared, was limited at practice today

^ As far as Rolando McClain, Allen said conditioning was a factor in the middle linebacker’s reduced role. “He responded well. He played well.” While McClain will continue to sit for rookie Miles Burris in nickel passing downs, Allen acknowledged McClain could be a big factor against Jacksonville’s running attack Sunday. (Pro Football Focus ranks McClain the 8th best ILB vs run so far this season.)

^ Quarterback Carson Palmer: “This is a must-win game. We can’t wait to play … excited about this opportunity.”

^ Asked Palmer if fullback Marcel Reece (14 catches, 1 rushing attempt) has essentially become a decoy. He said there are big plays to Reece out there and they’re being called, but they wind up on the video that the team sends to the NFL showing missed pass interference calls.

^ Palmer: “We understand what a weapon Marcel is & defenses understand what a weapon he is. He’s gotten some opportunities and will get some more.”

^ Palmer was semi-rooting for the Chargers on Monday night because he knows the Broncos will be there in the end. But either result was good for team, he said

UPDATE TO THIS: Curry looks doubtful for Sunday,,guess ti didn't go as well as planned.

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Need to get a win against the Jaguars. To bad Pryor isn't going to get any opportunities to play. Hek, the Jets are considering using Tebow at running back. Maybe we should get Pryor in to run or catch and run on occasion.

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