Game Day - Sunday 1pm - @ Home vs Saints

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McFadden still out so our running game is hurting. Could stop raining by game time. We are the underdogs because the Saints have been hot lately. Won 4 games in a row I think.

How are we going to beat these guys?

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I hope a big crowd shows up despite the weather. We need a miracle and having home field and the Black Hole cheering the team on couldn't hurt.

Fox affiliates for TV

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YOu know,,I thought after that year when we only won 4 we had hit rock bottom and it could never get worse,,it has gotten worse. No RBs really save for Reece,, receivers that can't hold onto anything,a QB who actually is very good and would be great for a fantasy team but no support form the other players at all. Time to start sniffing glue again.

Bad weekend for USC QBs all around,, except for Sanchez.

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It's pathetic. 10 years of this stuff. I hope Shrek...I mean Regggie McKenzie can get this turned around.

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