The Black Hole - Raiders Get 1st Win 34 -31- DHB Recovers

Posted by: BraveRaider on 08/16/2012 - 11:31 AM

Pic of the Day- Darrius Heyward-Bey laid unconscious on the field for over 10 minutes after a helmet to helmet collision. His injury seemed to motivate the Raiders who went on to win. Today he was released from the hospital and is supposed to be ok. He suffered a concussion and neck sprain but no permanent injury.
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BACK HOME LOOKING FOR FIRST WIN- After losing their first two games, the Raiders come home looking for their first win against the Steelers. After the first half, our stats were so poor we were very lucky to be only down by 3. Then we went down by 10 in the second half before the Raiders got serious. They scored 13 points in the 4th quarter while shutting out the Steelers.

The Raiders come away with a 34-31 victory on a last second field goal by Janikowski. After an uneven 1st half, Carson Palmer got hot and finished hitting on 24 of 34 passes for 209 yards. Most importantly, the Raiders converted every 3 down conversion in the second half. McFadden ran 13 times for 113 yards. Denarius Moore led all WR's with 5 catches for 45 yards. TE Myers had 4 for 55 yards. In all, The Raiders had 9 players make catches. The Raiders won even though they lost the battle of total yards, 321 vs 433 for the Steelers. Just win baby!!!

On a sad note, after head to head contact in the end zone, that wasn't called by the refs, DHB was carted off the field with a serious injury. He looked like he was knocked out for awhile. On Monday he was released from the hospital and should have a full recovery.

RED ZONE IS LIKE A STOP SIGN- Raiders have not been a very good Red Zone team for years now. Up to now they have content to run the ball in when they can and let Jani kick a field goal when they can't. We can't get to the next level unless we solve the Red Zone mystery. The Pittsburg game is the first time we blew into the red zone three times on passes by Carson Palmer. Hope that continues.

RED ZONE WIDE RECEIVER- I went to research all the remaining free agent WR's since we have so many guys hurt and so many question marks at WR. Carson Palmer and Coach Allen when asked about our passing game and our WR's answer with " We're going to be alright."

PLAXICO BURRESS- "Alright" isn't going to be good enough. We don't have one single WR who has proven that he can be one of the top receivers in the league. We have speedsters with promise....and injuries. So I went to look at the available free agent WR's receivers and one guy stood out from the ever shrinking crowd....Plaxico Burress. He caught 3 TD's in one game last October in a season that was considered a down year for him. He had 45 catches for 612 yards with a 13.6 average. Most importantly he had 8 TD's. Our two top WR's last year had 9 TD's combined. We ony had 20 receiving TD's all season. I pick Plax because he is 6'5" and if we want to be a better Red Zone team we need to make him our specialist. We all know how this is done. We just need to do it.

MATT LEINART- Matt has outplayed Carson Palmer during the preseason. He is already familiar with Knapp's offense having run it before. His QB rating is twice Palmer's rating and Carson has thrown in interceptions.....again. Matt may not play Saturday against Detroit, but if he does and outplays Carson once again, will we have a good old fashion "Quarterback Controversy." So far Matt has not played during the first 3 games.

GREGG KNAPP- Even though the players are still getting familiar with the new offense, I like what I see so far from Gregg Knapp's offense. To me it has the best of what we saw years ago in the West Coast offense ran by the 49ers. Joe Montana back in those days would kill you throwing the ball to the 3rd option. If you cover the primary receivers he always had somebody to dump the ball off to. They only threw long just enough to set up all the throws underneath. It will also be hard to say whether or not we are running just enough to set up the passing game or passing just enough to set up the running game. Expect this team to run a lot.

DEFENSE- For the first time, our defense got a couple of stops against the Steelers when it mattered. But this defense is not putting pressure on the QB and can not stop the pass. Maybe we are a work in progress.

ROD WHO? Who the hell is Rod Streater? Rod didn't catch enough passes at Temple to get anybody's attention. But he ran a fairly fast time in the 40 at the combine so the Raiders noticed him and signed him as a undrafted free agent. He will remind you of Chaz Schillins in that he has good height at 6'3" for a WR, he gets open, and has good hands. He was our shining star last Monday and had 6 catches for 66 yards.

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